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What Water Does the Competition Use?

Most people -- including the FDA -- do not give the water quality of personal lubricants a second thought.

Look at the label of your lube. It will say purified water if you are lucky, (or maybe just "water" or "aqua"), which simply means tap water that is filtered to remove contaminants. Water is the main ingredient in any water-based lubricant and few people even consider it. The FDA certainly does not look at the quality of the water used. Many cities have water that is only tolerable; even in the U.S. you can regularly read horror stories about the quality issues of city water.

DevilsLube Logo Naturally you have no idea HOW it is filtered? They never tell you that. Are there bits of filter material in the water? Were the filters old and not doing their job? Did filter membranes have holes in them? Was the water really filtered at all? Public water systems and even purified water is contaminated with lots of substances, including pharmaceuticals that have been flushed down the toilet or otherwise dumped and leak into the water supply. Most city water is contaminated with female hormones from flushed birth control pills and other medication. You never know how purified it really is. All they do is place "Purified Water" on the label or ingredients list and you have to take their word for it. We simply do not trust "purified water." Often times they do not even say "purified", they just say "Water" or "Aqua".

The below labels were collected from Amazon in March 2023. Some popular products including Boy Butter, Astroglide, KY, and various others do not even show the back side image of their bottles. Sometimes they include a selective ingredients list in the page text, and sometimes not at all.

The contents of DevilsLube is approved by the FDA as a Class 1 medical device, while all other personal lubricants are only approved as Class 2 medical devices. FDA 510(K) No. K864556.

Adam and Eve Water-based Lubricant Back Label Fav lubricant back label Good Clean Love back label lulu back label Nooky Lube shibari lubricant back label sliquid back label swiss navy lubricant back label tabulube back label turnedon lubricant back label xesso lubricant back label Elbow grease back label (The last label is for Elbow Grease.)

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