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DevilsLube -- Better than spit and determination * See Footnote 1
DevilsLube is a clear, water-soluble, non-irritating, non-staining lubricant compatible with natural and synthetic substances.

Male couple in bed

  • Natural Distilled Water Based Safety.
  • The Only Personal Lubricant Made with Distilled Water.
  • Hypoallergenic, bacteriosatic.
  • Thick, non-runny, viscous gel.
  • Non-staining and non-greasy.
  • Excellent lubricant for erectile dysfunction pumps, tension bands and sounds. Helps prevent sounds from slipping out.
  • Often used as an electromedical contact meda because of its conductivity properties and thus great for electrical toys.
  • Convenient Flip Top Cap. Collector's Edition has a Pull-Push Cap.
  • 100 ml Pocket Size Oblong Bottles, the same as "Fireball" liquor.
  • 60 ml Small Bottles in an economical easy to carry size.
  • Perfect choice for male masturbation.
  • Extra Thick and Creamy Edition in a wide mouth jar.
  • DevilsLube is not a contraceptive and is not a spermicide.
  • Silicone Version Coming Soon.

    Male Masturbation Lubricant.

    DevilsLube logo DevilsLube is sold for external use, i.e. male masturbation, at this time. Most lubricants are designed for vaginal use (as to PH and ingredients), but DevilsLube is being designed for anal/rectal use. However, before it can be sold for that purpose FDA approval is required as sexual lubricants are considered medical devices, as are condoms. A qualified lab is developing our custom formula and we are working on this very costly approval.

    Personal lubricants sold for external use are not considered medical devices.

    Nevertheless, the current DevilsLube formulation is safe to use for all sexual purposes as the actual current contents is an FDA Approved Personal Lubricant (Registered Class 1 Medical Device) manufactured for Blue Planet by an international medical products maker.

    DevilsLube will be available initially in two convenient oblong sizes making it easy to carry in a pocket. DevilsLube bottles illustrated are 100ml (4 ozs.). These bottles are identical to the bottles used for "Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey" although we use dispensing caps. The bottle with the red round pull-up cap is our limited edition version of 350. Before use remove the silver seal from under the cap. Bottles are also shipped with bottle neck seals.

    NEW -- DevilsLube will also be available in a super convenient 60 ml (2 oz) size when the product launches. This size will be sold in 2 packs. We will also offer our Extra Thick N' Creamy DevilsLube Edition in a wide-mouth 6 ounce jar.

    Devilslube Refill bottles will be available so these smaller bottles can be re-filled making the use of DevilsLube more economical and better for the environment.

    DevilsLube 100ml bottles shown to the left are shown for illustrative purposes only. The bottle on your left is our collectors edition and bottle on the right is our standard bottle. DevilsLube red liquid contents does not indicate the actual color of DevilsLube. Shown for illustrative and promotional purposes only.

    DevilsLube is made with Distilled Water.

    Composition: Reverse osmosis (RO) water, preservatives, polymer and huectant. Preservatives: Propyl parben and methy paraden in bacteriostatic concentration. pH Range: 6.5 - 7.0 Viscosity: 100,000 cps -- 170,000 cps (Brookfield Viscometer Model RVT, Spindle T-C, 2.5 RPM). DevilsLube in bottles has more visconsity than Extra Thick and Creamy which is a thicker gel. Biocompatibility: Non-irritating to eyes and skin (intact and abraded) Non-cytotoxic. Not intended for human consumption.

    DevilsLube is proudly made in the USA. Packaging in Key West, FL USA with US made bottles and caps.

    The competition is made with "purified water" and there is a difference. Learn more!.

    DevilsLube was inspired and named by Robert Lewis Hardwick.

    Customer Service: 305-304-1936.
    11 a.m. - 8 p.m. M-F, 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. Sat. Closed Sunday.

    Blue Planet Pharma Corp. is a Florida, USA Corporation.

    BluePlanetPharma.com and DevilsLube.com are © Copyright 2023 by Blue Planet Pharma Corp. and Dan F. Schramm

    Footnote 1: With lubrication condom breakage was under 3% and when no additional lubrication was used the rate was 21.4 %. WHO Report on Personal Lube 2016.

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